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What the Experts Say About Beauty Hygiene Plus

Ellis Atlantis, BBC Glow Up Winner

Ellis loves our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray – “I find my skin is much clearer because there is no lingering bacteria on my brushes”.

Lisa Armstrong, Award-winning Makeup Artist

Beauty Hygiene Plus Lisa Armtrong

My favourite product in the Beauty Hygiene Plus range is the Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray.….. it’s a beauty hygiene game-changer! 

Lan Nguyen, Award-winning Makeup Artist


I am in love with the new Beauty Hygiene Plus range already and its fabulous colour coding packaging for easy use.   As a makeup artist, hygiene is a must!


Beauty Hygiene Plus


Beauty Hygiene Plus originates from the world of professional makeup artists and beauty professionals over ten years ago, and the belief that beauty starts with hygienically clean makeup, tools and brushes.

 Our four cleaning and sanitising products for makeup, makeup brushes and beauty tools are uniquely different and together they create a simple-to-use, effective cleaning and sanitising system for taking care of your daily makeup and beauty hygiene.

Created by industry professionals + scientists

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Simple, Quick + Easy

We have everything you need to keep your makeup products, beauty tools and makeup brushes germ and virus free with our intuitive capsule range. Each uniquely fomulated product is quick and easy to use.

Antibacterial + Antiviral

Our pioneering formulas have been independently tested with proven antibacterial and antiviral claims so you can apply your makeup confidently knowing it’s all germ free, leaving you more time to spend on the sheer joy and creativity that makeup brings.

Beauty Hygiene Plus Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash

Trusted by Professionals

Our credibility lies in the fact that so many international cosmetics brands and pro artists have used our professional collection for many years. These experts know how important hygiene protocol is and they trust us and our products implicitly. 

Let’s talk dirty….. makeup

If you use makeup you should be concerned. Why? Because your makeup and the brushes and beauty tools you use with it are harbouring a dirty little secret…

Believe it or not, there’s potential danger lurking in your makeup bag and, we think you would take beauty hygiene a lot more seriously, if you realised the full extent of this danger.

But don’t panic, the good news is that here at Beauty Hygiene Plus we have the simple, effective, trusted and proven solution range of cleaning and sanitising products that will render your makeup and beauty tools safe. 

It’s time to take your beauty hygiene seriously with new Beauty Hygiene Plus

Lisa Armstrong Artist In Residence


Sanitising tools and makeup
can avoid spreading bacteria
onto your face


It’s time to take your beauty hygiene
seriously – and Beauty Hygiene Plus
will help you start a new daily
beauty hygiene routine.

How important is your beauty hygiene at home as well as with clients?

At home with our own makeup bags, people can get a bit lacklustre at cleaning things. It is so important to stop the spread of nasty bacteria. For example, eye infections can be transferred from mascara wands or unclean lipstick can cause infections on the mouth. Again, the same with your foundation brushes. You are putting these things onto your skin, why would you not want them to be clean. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of nasty infections and breakouts by using bacteria-ridden brushes or sponges! Having clean makeup and tools is so important and we need to educate people on how easy it is and how crucial it is. It’s an absolute must.


Lisa Armstrong

Award-winning Makeup Artist + Brand Ambassador

Wish you could do makeup like they do on Strictly? Well, perhaps you can, with the help of Lisa Armstrong, the first makeup artist featured in our Artists In Residence programme. That’s because Lisa is the multi award-winning Chief Makeup and Hair Designer on the massively popular BBC1 show.

Lisa Armstrong Beauty Hygiene Plus

Meet Lisa, our inaugural "Artist In Residence"

“I do normal people from normal places.”

Who better to launch our Beauty Hygiene Plus Artists in Residence programme than Lisa Armstrong, one of the UK’s most talented, high profile and award- winning makeup artists.

Lisa Armstrong Beauty Hygiene Plus catwalk makeup

Lisa's makeup looks video highlights

You may not know her name, but you will definitely know her work, as, since 2007, she has been Chief Makeup and Hair Designer on the BBC’s flagship Strictly Come Dancing show, where she is responsible for creating the amazing celebrity hair and makeup looks that help define the show’s mass appeal.

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