What’s with the “filthy looks”?

When you’re trying to warn someone about something dangerous, you need to get their attention, right? Which is why we have launched our hard-hitting ‘Filthy Looks’ media awareness campaign, that’s all over social and the web.

To the iconic soundtrack of ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’ by the Scissor Sisters, our ads pull no punches in telling you about the risks you take by not cleaning and sanitising your makeup, brushes and beauty tools, between every use. Yep you can catch nasty eye and skin infections from your unclean and shared beauty gear from blepheritis to ringworm as well as the cold sore virus (herpes simplex) and conjunctivitis through cross-contamination. So take our advice and get savvy about beauty hygiene, fast. But here’s the good news, the solution is quick, easy, safe and right here, in the form of the Beauty Hygiene Plus range. 

Beauty Hygiene Plus Filthy Looks video

Makeup is pretty and fun but then you see something like that, and well once you think about it… its just shocking! … I would definitely want to clean my brushes more and spend more money on something that would clean them properly.

Nicky, Berkshire, aged 37

Independent research conducted by Tangible Branding Ltd, name changed to protect personal identity

Let’s talk dirty (makeup)….

Our new Beauty Hygiene Plus collection is set to revolutionise the nation’s beauty market, with products that clean and sanitise makeup, brushes and other tools that are part of our everyday beauty routine.

If you’re wondering why this is important, it’s because whilst we’re now, more than ever, aware of the many threats to our health from viral infections and the transfer of bacteria from one person to the next, our independent research proves that we’re much less aware of the dangers that might lurk in our very own makeup bags or beauty cupboards.

And trust us, there are very real dangers, as makeup, brushes and beauty tools can harbour a whole host of unpleasant bugs and viruses including conjunctivitis, herpes and even E-Coli! The good news is, our new products are designed to quickly, conveniently and easily ensure all your makeup items including pressed eyeshadow and blusher powders, pencils, lipsticks, as well as your precious brushes and beauty tools, are safe for you to use all the time. What’s more, the special formulations we have created have been tried and tested by the professional beauty industry over the past ten years and are trusted by top makeup professionals and leading international cosmetics brands.

So, how do we let all you good people know about these new products which will transform your beauty regime? By launching our hard-hitting, dramatic ‘Filthy Looks’ media campaign, that’s how It’s all over social and online and designed to shock as well as educate the makeup-wearing consumer into taking beauty hygiene seriously, as well as publicising our perfect solutions obvs! Our ads graphically reveal some of the viral,  fungus and bacterial infections you can catch, all to the tune of the classic ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’ track by Scissor Sisters!

Beauty Hygiene Plus Quick Dry Makeup Sanitising Mist Lisa Armstrong

Lisa Armstrong leads our #FilthyLooks Expert awareness campaign

Fronting our dramatic, health-centred campaign, with a series of ‘expert edits’ will be multi-award-winning professional makeup artist Lisa Armstrong who since 2009 has been responsible for all the amazing, glam looks on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing as the show’s Chief Makeup and Hair Designer.

We have also recruited Lisa to join our fabulous and unique Artists In Residence programme, as our first Artist In Residence, where she, together with some of the most talented and original makeup artists around, will showcase some of their signature looks and demonstrate how to perfect your everyday makeup routines. They will also be showing you how they use Beauty Hygiene Plus to clean and sanitise their own makeup products, brushes and beauty tools, and protect both themselves and their ‘A’ list clients.

So. Come along, and let’s get filthy!

The reminder of just how dirty your makeup kit can get without regular cleaning.  I did not know specialist products were available. I just use anti-bac hand liquid wash for my kit and now that’s made me think it’s not enough… I need to get this product when available.

Sandy, Cheshire, aged 50

Independent research conducted by Tangible Branding Ltd, nameschanged to protect personal identity

I knew that you could get bacteria and infections from dirty products, but I guess I didn’t really think too much about it before. It was honest but wasn’t brutal in showing the message.

Sammy, Cheshire, aged 19

Independent research conducted by Tangible Branding Ltd, name changed to protect personal identity

…. it was really powerful, memorable and definitely gets the message across and makes you think about something most of us don’t think about.

Claire, London, aged 58

Independent research conducted by Tangible Branding Ltd, name changed to protect personal identity