Beauty Science UK – the power behind Beauty Hygiene Plus

Beauty Science UK is an established market leader in the field of professional beauty and personal care hygiene products and services.  Our professional brand was created over 10 years ago by our brand founder and Marketing and Communications Director, Antonia Hawke, and has been, and continues to be, the hygiene choice of many international cosmetics companies including the likes of LVMH and Shiseido Group brands and industry professionals as well as high profile makeup artists.

In 2018, Neil Slade, a businessman and entrepreneur saw the potential of our products to take them to the consumer market, and joined the company as Managing Director. He also brought in financing, via investment company Rana Capital, to scale up the B2B business and to bring our effective, trusted, quality and environmentally-conscious professional beauty solutions to the consumer market under a new brand – Beauty Hygiene Plus.

Our innovative, consumer-focused beauty hygiene proposition, features a range of proven antibacterial and antiviral easy-to-use products that make beauty hygiene available and accessible to all users of makeup.  It is our ambition is to ensure that safely cleaning and sanitising makeup products, makeup brushes and beauty tools becomes a daily habit for everyone, just like cleaning your teeth.

Beauty Hygiene Plus

Beauty Hygiene Plus innovative and proven hygiene products for cleaning and sanitising makeup and beauty tools