Brand story

The Beauty Hygiene Plus story starts over 10 years ago, when brand founder, Antonia Hawke, decided to take time out from her high-flying corporate career to look at new opportunities that would both fulfil her and provide an outlet for her creativity.

Armed with a wealth of experience gained in the world of luxury goods and services with blue chip companies including LVMH and the Emirates Group, and an international outlook from living and working in New York and the Middle East, Antonia first enrolled at the Jemma Kidd Makeup School which ignited her artisitic vision.

It was here, working alongside fellow beauty professionals, that Antonia quickly recognised that there was a need for simple, effective, and affordable hygiene solutions for the makeup world.  It was her “light bulb” moment.

Antonia continued to train over next six months as a professional makeup artist whilst researching the market, and a year later her professional brand, The Pro Hygiene Collection®, was born.  This new venture targeted the professional and corporate makeup market and would prove the perfect platform for Antonia to combine her many years of expertise in marketing, advertising, design and business with her creativity and new-found interest in the makeup business.  Her products enjoyed great success in the professional beauty market, where hygiene has to be a ‘watchword’, including with high profile beauty clients such as LVMH and Shiseido brands.

Antonia Hawke founder creator Beauty Hygiene Plus

Antonia Hawke, Founder

500ml micellar water cleanser

Neil Slade, Managing Director

In 2018, Antonia met Neil Slade, a businessman and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ director-level experience in the luxury, automotive and lifestyle sectors.  Neil immediately saw the potential of the brand to take it to the consumer market, and joined the company as Managing Director.  He also brought in financing, via investment company Rana Capital, and together they have launched Beauty Hygiene Plus, a new and innovative consumer focused beauty hygiene brand, with a range of products that makes beauty hygiene available and accessible to all users of makeup.

Antonia and Neil’s ambition is to ensure that safely cleaning and sanitising makeup products, makeup brushes and beauty tools becomes a daily habit for everyone, just like cleaning your teeth.

Our products are not about taking away any of the fun, glamour, feel-good factor or sheer joy that beauty and makeup bring to users – they are simply there to take away the risks.

Beauty Hygiene Plus is a modern and trusted solution with health and hygiene at its core – all our products are quick and easy to use as well as being highly effective.

Our credibility lies in the fact that so many international cosmetics brands including the likes of LVMH and the Shiseido Group, as well as numerous educators and makeup artists have used our professional collection for the past 10 years. These experts know how important hygiene protocol is and they trust us and our products implicitly. 

Antonia Hawke

Founder + Marketing & Communications Director