Deep Cleanse Makeup Sponge & Brush Wash

What is Makeup Sponge & Brush Wash?

It is to help keep your sponges and brushes safe, pristine and  working their best. This has been designed to thoroughly clean and sanitise beauty sponges and makeup brushes and has antibacterial properties as it kills 99.9% of bacteria so it gets rid of those nasty germs breeding in your sponges and brushes.  It also conditions your brushes and cares for your sponges and is lightly fragranced leaving your brushes and sponges fresh and hygienically clean.

Cleaning your makeup sponges and brushes regularly helps to prevent the transfer of germs, oils and dead skin cells to cleansed skin. This not only will help your skin health reducing the chance of getting clogged pores and acne. Caring for your sponges and brushes helps to extend the life of them and also leads to improve makeup application.


Beauty Hygiene Plus Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash

Cleans, sanitises and conditions

Beauty Hygiene Plus Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash

Suitable for all makeup sponges and brushes

Why use Makeup Sponge & Brush Wash?

According to recent research* undertaken by Aston University they found 93% of beauty blenders had never been cleaned. 80-90% of the sponges were contaminated with bacteria (more than any other product category tested). When it comes to beauty hygiene, makeup sponges / brushes, are a real area for concern, they become quickly clogged with makeup debris and this provides a haven in which germs and bacteria can thrive. Experts suggest you should wash sponges between each and every use.

Our unique formula has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years, including beauty professionals and makeup artists. In this time the product has proven to be both safe and effective and is trusted throughout the industry. 


How to use Makeup Sponge & Brush Wash?

1.  Wet makeup sponges, brushes and powder puffs with warm water.

2. Apply cleansing wash and gently lather.

3. Repeat with warm water until clear of makeup residue and free from bubbles.

4. Gentle squeeze out excess water and lead to air dry. (lay brushes flat)

 Please note: It is important not to just clean your sponges and brushes regularly but to also do a deep clean. Our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning spray is an amazing solution to cleaning your brushes daily without hassel. But it is important to do a deep clean once or twice a week to get to those areas you may not reach just using the brush cleaner.


Beauty Hygiene Plus Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash

Easy to use and antibacterial

* Microbiological study of used cosmetic products: highlighting possible impact on consumer health by Dr Amreen Bashir and Professor Peter Lambert School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.


I advise that you use Beauty Hygiene Plus Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash at least twice a week to ensure your makeup is going onto clean brushes….. and don’t forget to sanitise your brushes daily between each use with Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray.

Lisa Armstong

Award-winning Makeup Artist and Brand Ambassador