How science supports our products

Various scientific studies have been undertaken over the years to establish the possible health risks inherent in the use of cosmetic products. One of the most important and illuminating was undertaken inn 2019 by Dr Amreen Bashir and Professor Peter Lambert at The School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University, Birmingham, UK. They investigated the nature and extent of microbial contamination in five categories of used cosmetic products (lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliners, mascaras and beauty blenders).

They discovered that 70-90% of all used makeup products were contaminated with bacteria. Their conclusion was that significant levels of microbial contamination occur during the use of cosmetic products and that the presence of pathogenic organisms poses a potential risk to health. They also believed that greater user awareness and education was required to combat this threat to the health of makeup users.

Having been active in the field of makeup hygiene for over 10 years, working with top makeup artists and beauty brands, to create trustworthy, effective cleaning and sanitising products, our research and development team is fully versed in the importance of keeping makeup products, brushes and all beauty tools germ and bacteria free. We knew that our formulations we had perfected for the beauty industry and makeup professionals could also be used to protect everyday users of makeup.


Beauty Hygiene Plus makeup and sponges breed bacteria

Makeup and sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria

Beauty Hygiene Plus science behind our products

10 years expertise and development provides scientific proof Beauty Hygiene Plus is effective and kills 99.9% of bacterial and viruses*

Beauty Hygiene Plus range of specially designed cleaning and sanitising products for beauty

Beauty Hygiene Plus' range or products are each designed for specific purpose with different formulations to provide effective cleaning and sanitising for makeup, beauty tools, makeup brushes and sponges

However, creating products that could eliminate the risks of transferring a range of nasty infections including bacterial, viral and fungicide diseases was was only one part of the solution. We also required products that would be incredibly easy to use and apply, with a minimum of time and inconvenience. We knew that, whatever the risks, busy consumers would not adopt makeup and beauty safety practices if they were messy, complicated or time consuming.

With additional research over the past two years, our scientists and research and development team has created a capsule range of consumer sanitising products, designed to become an integral part of every makeup users’ daily beauty routine.  These products are based on our tried and tested formulations, that have been in extensive use in the professional market for over 10 years.  What’s more, our team is constantly working on new and exciting product enhancements to ensure the level or protection provided by our products is industry-leading.  For example, once we were aware of the risks posed by Covid-19, we were able to quickly to retest our product formations to provide additional evidence and assurance for efficacy against enveloped viruses, just like Covid-19.

The fab four – why four products?

Our four cleaning and sanitising products for makeup, makeup brushes, beauty tools such as tweezers and eyelash curlers and makeup sponges and powder puffs are developed for specific purposes and each has a different formulation. The specially-designed formulas are not the same – each is distinctly different so they are fit for specific purpose.

Our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray is not for use on makeup for example and likewise, the Quick Dry Sanitising Makeup Mist is not for use on hard makeup tools – makeup is delicate and significant consideration, thought and testing has gone into its development over 10 years.  Likewise, our Quick Dry Beauty Tools Sanitising Spray for hard beauty tools is a stronger and a very different formula to that of our Quick Dry Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray.

The right tools for the right job – after all, you wouldn’t try and take your waterproof mascara off with soap and water or shower gel nor deep wash your recyclable cotton wool pads with washing up liquid.


Simple + effective complete collection

Our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray, which cleans and sanitises makeup brushes; our Quick Dry Makeup Sanitising Mist which sanitises makeup products and our Quick Dry Beauty Tools Sanitiser Spray that cleans and sanitises hard beauty tools, have all been independently tested in UK labs to kill 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses* within just two minutes of contact. These products deliver peace of mind as well as being quick and easy to use, by simply spraying onto the surface of products. Products and implements are then dry and ready to re-use within two minutes, which makes it now possible to sanitise makeup products, brushes and beauty tools between each use.

Each of these three products has also been tested independently to deliver the following certified levels of protection against bacterial and viral infection:

EN1296 antibacterial.
EN13697 antibacterial.
EN 1650 yeasticical/fungicidal.
EN13697 yesticidal/fungicidal.
EN14476 enveloped virucidal activity including coronavirus.

Each product, in addition to drying really quickly, will not make makeup wet, nor destroy product integrity** or affect product packaging. So, now there really is no excuse for making your beauty regime completely safe.

We also have a Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash that is antibacterial and is designed for daily use in between each use for makeup sponges and beauty blenders and bi-weekly for a deep makeup brush cleanse and sanitise.

EN1296 antibacterial.
EN13697 antibacterial.

Keeping all your makeup brushes, sponges and beauty tools bacteria and virus-free not only prolongs their useful working life, but helps for better makeup application whilst keeping your makeup tools hygienically clean.  You can see we take our beauty science very seriously, and that your protection is the thing we care and obsess about most!

*Enveloped viruses.
**Follow instructions carefully and do not over-saturate.

Beauty Hygiene Plus effective against coronavirus

Beauty Hygiene Plus is proven to be effective against bacterial and enveloped viruses including coronavirus

Beauty Hygiene Plus Antibacterial Sponge & Brush Wash

Many washes for makeup brushes and sponges are not antibacterial - Beauty Hygiene Plus is certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria