Video Guide Deep Cleanse Makeup Sponge & Brush Wash

Watch our short video with Lisa Armstrong on our Antibacterial Deep Cleanse Brush & Sponge Wash.  Makeup and beauty blender sponges need washing between each and every use and our specially-formulated Antibacterial Deep Cleanse Brush & Sponge Wash is is also antibacterial as well as being super-effective as it was developed to break down quickly makeup formulations – form oils to deep pigments.  Deep cleaning makeup brushes every few days keeps your brushes in tip top condition and helps avoid nasty infections from dirty brushes and sponges. For daily spot cleaning and sanitising, use our Antibacterial Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray. Not all makeup brush and sponge cleansers, shampoos and washes are antibacterial even if they claim it. But with Beauty Hygiene Plus, you can be sure you are getting what our products say on the tin.  After all, we’ve been working with the beauty industry for over ten years and we are experts in beauty and makeup hygiene.

Beauty Hygiene Plus Deep Cleans Sponge & Brush Wash how to use Lisa Armstrong

The fab four – mix + match system for complete beauty hygiene confidence

Our four cleaning and sanitising products for makeup, makeup brushes, beauty tools such as tweezers and eyelash curlers and makeup sponges and powder puffs are developed for specific purposes, and each has a different formulation. The specially-designed products are not the same – each is distinctly different, and together they create a simple yet effective, mix and match user-friendly system for taking care of daily makeup and beauty hygiene

Our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray is not for use on makeup for example and likewise, the Antibacterial Quick Dry Makeup Sanitising Mist is not for use on hard makeup tools – makeup is delicate and significant consideration, thought and testing has gone into its development over ten years.  Likewise, our Antibacterial Quick Dry Beauty Tools Sanitising Spray for hard beauty tools is a stronger and a very different formula to that of our Quick Dry Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray.

The right tools for the right job – after all, you wouldn’t try and take our waterproof mascara off with soap and water or shower gel nor sanitise your eyelash curlers with bathroom
*Enveloped viruses.