Lisa Armstrong

Wish you could do makeup like they do on Strictly? Well, perhaps you can, with the help of Lisa Armstrong the first makeup artist featured in our Artists In Residence programme. That’s because Lisa is the multi award-winning Chief Makeup and Hair Designer on the massively popular BBC1 show.

Lisa has also worked on other top TV shows such as X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice, as well as on editorial for magazines such as Sugar and Cosmopolitan. As the first of our Artists In Residence she will be showcasing three very different looks, covering glow-up and glam to every day. You can see her at work as well as pick up her top makeup tips and hints. As a makeup professional, she’s also hot on beauty hygiene as well!

Lisa is also fronting our hard-hitting ‘Filthy Looks’ beauty hygiene awareness campaign, designed to impress upon all makeup users the importance of cleaning and sanitising makeup, brushes and beauty tools, between each use. As a professional makeup artist, Lisa is fully aware of the danger of catching nasty bacterial and viral infections such as e-coli and the cold sore virus from unclean makeup or beauty tools, which is why she always uses Beauty Hygiene Plus cleaning and sanitising products.

Lisa Armstrong Beauty Hygiene Plus

Lisa Armstrong, Artist In Residence

#FilthyLooks Expert campaign videos starring Lisa

Beauty Hygiene Plus Filthy Looks video

Filthy Looks

I love the ‘Filthy Looks’ campaign that Beauty Hygiene Plus has launched and I’m delighted to be a part of this, it really highlights the health issues that can be associated with bacteria-ridden makeup and makeup tools and through viruses caught from sharing makeup and brushes. It’s vital that we all keep our makeup and tools as bacteria and virus-free as possible. The video content and imagery is creative, colourful and memorable, helping to keep Beauty Hygiene Plus front of mind and remind us to step up our hygiene game when it comes to our makeup and beauty tools!

Lisa Armstrong

Award-winning Makeup Artist + Brand Ambassador

We talk to Lisa behind the scenes at our #FilthyLooks brand awareness campaign about her career and get her inside tips whilst creating these three stunning makeup looks as part of our Artists In Residence programme.

Lisa Armstrong Beauty Hygiene Plus catwalk makeup

Lisa's makeup looks video highlights

You may not know her name, but you will definitely know her work, as, since 2007, she has been Chief Makeup and Hair Designer on the BBC’s flagship Strictly Come Dancing show, where she is responsible for creating the amazing celebrity hair and makeup looks that help define the show’s mass appeal.

Beauty Hygiene Plus Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash

What's with the 'Filthy Looks'?

‘Filthy Looks’ is our brand advertising campaign featuring Lisa.  Take a look at why she wants you to start a daily beauty hygiene beauty routine.  It’s easy, quick and simple with our four uniquely-formulated cleaning and sanitising products.

Beauty Hygiene Plus

Hygiene has always been an essential part of my day to day working practice to avoid spreading harmful bacteria onto a clients’ face and around sensitive eye and lip areas. It’s even more today crucial to wash hands in-between clients and keep all makeup and tools sanitised. With new Beauty Hygiene Plus, cleaning and sanitising your personal brushes, makeup, beauty tools and sponges is quick and easy. It’s time to take your beauty hygiene seriously – and Beauty Hygiene Plus will help you start a new daily beauty hygiene routine.

Lisa Armstrong

Award-winning Makeup Artist + Brand Ambassador