Makeup’s dirty little secret

If you use makeup you should be concerned. Why?

Because your makeup and the brushes and beauty tools you use with it are harbouring a dirty little secret…

Believe it or not, there’s potential danger lurking in all the different components of your makeup beauty regime. And, we think you would take beauty hygiene a lot more seriously, if you realised the full extent of this danger.

For example, really unpleasant bacteria and viruses such as herpes, conjunctivitis, streptococcus and E-coli can be easily transferred via makeup brushes, sponges, beauty tools and makeup itself.

If you were unaware of these dangers, you’re not alone, as our independent research shows us that:

  • The majority of those using makeup do not know that their makeup products and makeup brushes and tools carry bacteria or germs.
  • Only 7% have concerns about germs/bacteria on cosmetics.
  • More than 70% of people have never cleaned their makeup brushes.
  • Around 40% claim to clean their makeup tools once a month or less.
e-coli found in makeup and beauty tools Beauty Hygiene Plus

E-coli and other bacteria found in makeup and makeup beauty blender sponges

“I did not know specialist products were available.”

Beauty Hygiene Plus

New Beauty Hygiene Plus - a complete effective hygiene solution for your makeup, makeup brushes and beauty tools

Beauty Hygiene Plus Antibacterial Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray

But don’t panic, the good news is that here at Beauty Hygiene Plus we have the simple, effective, trusted and proven solution – a range of cleaning and sanitising products that will render your makeup and beauty tools safe. These are professional-grade products that will kill off the bugs intent on making your beauty regime a health hazard. What’s more, you can forget messy, time consuming, makeup cleaning routines, as all our products have been designed to be completely hassle-free and really quick and easy to use.

The fab four – mix + match system for complete beauty hygiene confidence

The antibacterial and antiviral product line-up includes our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning SprayQuick Dry Makeup Sanitising MistQuick Dry Beauty Tools Sanitising Spray and Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash.

These products are all accessibly priced and available in both beauty cabinet and handbag sizes. Vegan, eco-conscious, quick to apply and fast drying, with no fuss and mess, they eliminate an impressive 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* within two minutes of application.

Our four cleaning and sanitising products for makeup, makeup brushes, beauty tools such as tweezers and eyelash curlers and makeup sponges and powder puffs are developed for specific purposes, and each has a different formulation. The specially-designed products are not the same – each is distinctly different, and together they create a simple yet effective, mix and match user-friendly system for taking care of daily makeup and beauty hygiene

Our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray is not for use on makeup for example and likewise, the Quick Dry Sanitising Makeup Mist is not for use on hard makeup tools – makeup is delicate and significant consideration, thought and testing has gone into its development over 10 years.  Likewise, our Quick Dry Beauty Tools Sanitising Spray for hard beauty tools is a stronger and a very different formula to that of our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray.

The right tools for the right job – after all, you wouldn’t try and take our waterproof mascara off with soap and water or shower gel nor sanitise your eyelash curlers with bathroom.  Beauty just got a whole lot safer with new Beauty Hygiene Plus.

*Independently tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses.

Why beauty hygiene is as important at home as well as with clients

At home with our own makeup bags, people can get a bit lacklustre at cleaning things. It is so important to stop the spread of nasty bacteria. For example, eye infections can be transferred from mascara wands or unclean lipstick can cause infections on the mouth. Again, the same with your foundation brushes. You are putting these things onto your skin, why would you not want them to be clean. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of nasty infections and breakouts by using bacteria-ridden brushes or sponges! Having clean makeup and tools is so important and we need to educate people on how easy it is and how crucial it is. It’s an absolute must.


Lisa Armstrong

Award-winning Makeup Artist + Brand Ambassador