Quick Dry Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray

What is Brush Cleaner?


It is designed to quickly and easily clean and sanitise your makeup brushes. Its highly effective, delicately fragranced formula works swiftly, to deliver clean, fresh brushes all ready for your next makeup application.

Cleaning makeup brushes is essential in terms of keeping nasty and dangerous bacteria and viruses at bay. Traditionally, cleaning brushes has been one of the most time consuming and messy makeup chores, but our new Quick Dry formula cuts out all the time and hassle involved. You simply use the spray daily, between each use, on all your makeup brushes, whether they are natural or synthetic. It takes just a few seconds to apply and leaves makeup brushes sanitised and dry in just two minutes. 

makeup brush cleaning and sanitising

Kills 99.9% of bacteria & viruses

eco-friendly disposable makeup tools and accessories

Improves makeup application

Why use Brush Cleaner?

Our unique formulation has been tested and proven to be perfectly safe for your makeup brushes as it has been in for over 10 years in the world of professional beauty, where it is trusted by top beauty professionals and makeup artists. 

Once applied, it quickly breaks down caked-on makeup within the brush, including oils, pigments, creams, gels and fluids, as well as dealing with general dirt, grime and dead skin cells. 

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly prevents the transfer of germs, oils and dead skin cells from brushes to cleansed skin. This helps to avoid clogged pores leading to breakouts and acne.

The benefits of cleaning your brushes more regularly is that it helps extend the life of your brushes by removing oils and grime in-between your brushes bristles, this helps to avoid bristles getting loose and coming off the brush. Also improves makeup application.

How to use Brush Cleaner?

1. Place your brush on a tissue and apply 2 to 3 sprays directly onto the makeup brush from 20cm away.

2. Wipe the brush on the tissue until all makeup residue is removed.

3. Repeat for larger brushes or deeper pigments.

4. Ensure brush is dry before using. Do not over-soak brushes.

Please Note: Our Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray has been specially formulated for use on makeup brushes only. It should not be used on makeup itself as it will damage the makeup. To sanitise your makeup, please use our Quick Dry Makeup Sanitising Mist.

makeup brush cleaning and sanitising

Prolongs makeup brush life

“Worked very easily and cleanly on brushes that had been used for cream eyeshadow. Couple of squirts and the brushes cleaned easily.”

Amazon customer