Poor Makeup and Beauty hygiene Can Cause Infections

Bacteria on makeup brushes Beauty Hygiene Plus

Unclean makeup brushes can lead to bacteria clogged pores, breakouts and acne

The facts are that poor makeup and beauty hygiene can cause viral and bacterial infections

Why would you cleanse and treat your skin with your daily beauty regime products, only to apply makeup with contaminated brushes or makeup? Many believe that just because your makeup brushes and tools are only touching your skin there would be no problem. But would you go years without washing your facial towel or body towel. Over time bacteria builds up and it is just as important to properly clean them.

Everytime you use your makeup you reintroduce germs and bacteria to your skin, eyes and lips.  Skin irritation and blocked pores, leading to blackheads and breakouts are just some of the consequences of not cleaning your makeup brushes between each use. Your skin health is impirtant particularly so if you suffer from acne or have sensitive skin

Your face will last you a life time, you need to make sure you are not putting bacteria in and around sensitive eyes, into / around your mouth, sensative skin which is more semi-permeable and thinner than the body skin. 

Hidden Dangers

Research shows bacteria is frequently found on your makeup, makeup brushes and accessories this can lead to nasty infections through cross-contamination and these are just a few of the health problems they can cause:

Conjunctivitis: a viral infection of the eye, easily transferred by makeup brushes, used false eyelashes, shared makeup, old out of date mascara and dirty eyeliners used in the waterline.

Blepharitis: a nasty bacterial inflammation of the eyelid. Again, dirty and unsanitised makeup and makeup applicators particularly eyeliners and mascara.

Eye styes: this small, painful lump on or inside the eyelid or around the eye area is a painful bacterial infection on the eyelash follicle or eyelid gland.  Avoid old out of date makeup and only use clean and sanitisied makeup, brushes and applicators.

Corneal ulcers: a painful sore that develops on the outer surface of the eye caused through bacterial and viral infection and small injuries on the eye.  Contact lens wearers are more susceptible.

Impetigo: a common and contagious staphylococcus bacterial infection transferred by brushes and applications – particularly where skin is broken.

Herpes simplex (cold sore virus): the highly contagious cold sore virus, easily transferred by contaminated lipsticks, lip gloss and applicators and brushes and by sharing makeup and beauty tools.

Ringworm: not a worm but a fungal infection that loves warm damp environments and is easily spread from makeup sponges and brushes to makeup and onto skin.

e-coli found in makeup and beauty tools Beauty Hygiene Plus

Minimise nasty skin breakouts by using clean and sanitised makeup brushes and beauty blenders

e-coli found in makeup and beauty tools Beauty Hygiene Plus

Sharing your makeup can lead to infections

Beauty Hygiene Plus Brush Cleaning Spray

Break the contamination cycle

Break the contamination cycle

Cleaning and sanitising makeup brushes is an essential part of your daily beauty routine and should not be considered “just for professional makeup artists” and more like a daily routine such as cleaning your teeth.

By using Beauty Hygiene Plus as part of your daily makeup application routine, you can dramatically reduce the risk to your skin health.

Spots and acne – whether hormonal, lifestyle or bacterial induced, keeping your makeup, makeup brushes and blender sponges bacteria-free is a simple and easy way to avoid pores becoming clogged with bacteria that can lead to inflammation and breakouts.

The solution

Clean and sanitise your makeup and makeup tools between each use with

Beauty Hygiene Plus.

Daily use: Between each and every use.
What to use – Beauty Hygiene Plus Quick Dry Range including Makeup Sanitising Mist, Brush Cleaning Spray & Beauty Tools Sanitising Spray. Quick and easy takes seconds to clean and 2minutes to dry.

Weekly use: This is a deep clean which involves washing your makeup brushes and sponges.
What to use – Beauty Hygiene Plus Deep Cleanse Makeup Sponge & Brush Wash (deep cleans, sanitises and conditions with hot water and allow time to dry – never dry on radiators).

Beauty Hygiene Plus brush and sponge cleaning duo

Beauty Hygiene Plus Essentials

My favourite product in the Beauty Hygiene Plus range is the Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray.…  It’s a beauty hygiene game-changer! And, it’s not just antibacterial, it’s antiviral too.

Lisa Armstrong

Award-winning Makeup Artist + Brand Ambassador

Watch our short “how to use” video guides with Lisa Armstrong 

Beauty Hygiene Plus Quick Dry Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray how to use Lisa Armstrong